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Whether you are in school or currently looking for a job, planning ahead for a future career can be challenging. Identifying early what job you might want and acquiring the necessary training and skills needed beforehand will make you a more desirable candidate for employment. By completing the job requirements (such as certifications, training or education) before a potential position is opened, you will have a better chance of being hired.

During construction of the potential Donlin Gold mine, up to 3,000 jobs could be created. During operation of the mine, which is expected to last a minimum of 27 years, up to 1,400 jobs could be created.

We are excited about the potential job opportunities Donlin Gold can bring to the state of Alaska for many years to come and we hope you will take the right steps now to qualify for a future job with our company.

What kinds of jobs will be available at Donlin Gold

Planning for Your Future: Jobs with Donlin Gold

Local Hire Program

Donlin Gold is committed to Alaska hire with priority given to qualified Calista shareholders and their family members in addition to residents from the YK region for the jobs that would be available during construction and operation of the mine. Nearly 90 percent of employees in recent years at the Donlin Gold camp have been regional shareholders and descendants.

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