Donlin Gold’s project update meetings

In order to provide information about the proposed Donlin Gold project, as well as answer any questions residents might have about it, we have been conducting project update meetings in communities throughout the Yukon Kuskokwim (YK) region. There are several new elements to the project and updates to the projected permitting timeline, so we encourage residents to attend even if they have been to a meeting in the past.

Some of the topics covered at meetings include potential jobs should the mine be developed and the Donlin Gold Talent Bank (see page 3), which gives us additional insights into the current skilled labor available and training needed in the region. The mine has the potential to provide thousands of jobs to residents in the region, so we encourage everyone to submit their information and get the proper training to prepare for possible jobs.

To ensure communication access, Vernon Chimegalrea presents meetings in Yup’ik when needed, to make the information more accessible and understandable to Yup’ik speakers. Additionally, Vernon has narrated the Project Description video in Yup’ik, which is also available on Donlin Gold’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.

To date, we have visited 10 villages in 2014, with about 20 more to come. We are committed to keeping stakeholders informed about the project and we will continue to offer stakeholders opportunities to learn about the proposed project.

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