Donlin Gold Reaches Historic Agreement with The Kuskokwim Corporation

Donlin Gold is pleased to share the news that we have reached an updated long term surface use agreement with The Kuskokwim Corporation (TKC).

This agreement is historic in our longstanding cooperation with TKC. In addition to setting terms for initiating construction and port operation, the agreement has provisions for TKC preference for contracts, and hiring and training TKC shareholders. It also has provisions to fund scholarships and work with federal, state and local entities to help create and fund a training facility in Aniak. Calista shareholders, their spouses and descendants also have scholarship opportunities and a hiring preference under a separate agreement with Donlin Gold.

“This agreement represents a commitment by the project’s key stakeholders in continuing to advance the project in a responsible and sustainable manner for the benefit of the region and its shareholders,” said Donlin Gold General Manager, Stan Foo. “We value our strong and time-honored relationship with both TKC and Calista Corporation, who own the surface and mineral rights to Donlin Gold project lands.”

Calista selected the land where the Donlin Gold project is located under the terms of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act for its resource development potential. The Calista and TKC agreements with Donlin Gold mark an important step towards realizing an economic benefit for the shareholders of these Alaskan Native Corporations. If developed, the Donlin Gold project will create up to 3,000 construction jobs and between 600 and 1,400 jobs during the mine’s 27-plus years of operation.

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