Natural Gas Pipeline: SPCO ROW Lease

Donlin Gold is proposing to construct a buried natural gas pipeline to transport natural gas from the Cook Inlet region to the project site, located 10 miles north of the Village of Crooked Creek. The 14-inch diameter, steel, natural gas pipeline would be approximately 315 miles in length and be considered an open access pipeline.

Donlin Gold believes the natural gas pipeline to be the best solution for mitigating potential effects to the environment. The pipeline would transport natural gas to Donlin Gold, thereby reducing the amount of diesel required, and reducing potential barge traffic on the Kuskokwim River.

Donlin Gold studied various pipeline route alternatives and conducted many studies that could be used to better understand existing environmental and social conditions. Information from these studies are then applied to minimize potential effects to the environment. For example, the Jones Realignment is now proposed to minimize overlap with the Iditarod National Historic Trail and avoid the sensitive and steep terrain of the Dalzall Gorge near Rainy Pass. The Jones Realignment reduces overlap of the Iditarod trail by about 40 percent and eliminates the potential geotechnical challenges associated with the original Dalzell Gorge route

After years of environmental studies and community engagement, Donlin Gold reached another milestone in the natural gas pipeline permitting process in April, with the submission of an application for a pipeline Right-of-Way Lease. The Alaska State Pipeline Coordinators Office (SPCO) is currently holding public hearings, and encourages all stakeholders and descendants who have comments or concerns to submit them by January 28, 2015.  For more information, and to comment, please visit:

Donlin Gold is committed to keeping residents of the Yukon Kuskokwim region, as well as other stakeholders, informed and updated on the status and progress of the Donlin Gold project

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