The Company

Donlin Gold is working to build a gold mining project in the Yukon Kuskokwim (YK) region that can enrich the lives of residents. The project will offer hundreds of jobs and leave employees with work skills that will serve them long into the future. Donlin Gold is equally owned and supported by NOVAGOLD Resources and Barrick Gold Corporation. NOVAGOLD is a precious metals company engaged in the exploration and development of mineral properties in North America. Barrick Gold is the gold industry leader, with 25 operating mines and a pipeline of large, long-life projects located across five continents. With the combined resources, knowledge and expertise of these partners, Donlin Gold will be an industry leader in safety and success.

The Team

Donlin Gold has set an unprecedented Alaska Native hire rate, at times over 90 percent. Employing local residents from the region will continue to be a top priority of the project, including job training opportunities that will be provided before any significant hiring takes place during construction and operation of the mine.

General Manager

Andy Cole


Our Core Values

Integrity – act consistently and honestly based on our organizational values
Responsibility – be fully accountable for our words and actions
Passion – committed to making a positive difference, we will pursue and develop a culture of purpose, enthusiasm, competitiveness, and collaboration in achieving our mission
Respect – acknowledge the dignity and value of all team members, and treat them with civility
Success – meeting our goals while being respected for our business practices
Teamwork – everyone contributes and demonstrates effective communication, collaboration, coordination, and commitment

We join with Barrick in their vision to have: “Every person going home safe and healthy every day.”

The Board


Gil Leathley

Greg Lang


Rich Haddock

Brian Grebenc